What Can Far Infrared Do For You? 

Secret Healing Properties of Far Infrared

Looking for answers about far infrared? 

You may have come to the right place then. This website is specially designed to help answer questions and provide up-to-date information, articles and rational scientific answers to what is known about far infrared light. 

Discover just how “vital” far infrared light rays are to your health and well-being. Learn about your body’s ability to absorb specific wavelengths of FIR through a natural process known as “resonance absorption”. Find out the reasons you need an adequate dose of far infrared light everyday in order to maintain your health and longevity.

As you read through the scientific and medical studies of the effects and benefits of Far Infrared Rays, you will realize just how important it is to receive sufficient exposure of "FIR" everyday in order to remain healthy.

Celluar Energy & Water Molecules

Nearly all modern day diseases and ailments are a direct result of high levels of toxins (like heavy metals) 

concentrated in the cells of the body, retarding the body’s ability to function efficiently and heal. Recognize that exposure to far infrared light rays of the same intrinsic frequency as our own bodies can activate the release of stored toxins. Intrinsic vibrations  increase your metabolism and energy levels.

Did you know that FIR strengthens the body's resistance to infectious diseases and improves oxygen levels in the blood, while boosting tolerance to stress? Particular wavelengths of far-infrared light may just be the most important element in maintaining your health, next to fresh water, nutrition and oxygen.

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